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Welcome to Ljudska univerza Koper
the adult education center of the Slovenian cost

Our mission is to offer quality in education and applied knowledge to all generations. During the learning process we monitor, counsel, and help every single person. We help them to realize the fact that learning is not just receiving knowledge, but also gaining new opportunities, additional possibilities to choose from, and becoming personally fulfilled.

We wish to overgrow into one of the leading institutions for adult education in Slovenia. We are (furthermore) determined to exploit the opportunities our regional economy, characterized by its frontier position, openness and international orientation, offers us.

In addition, we want this wording not to reflex just the thoughts of our employees, but also the ideas of all of you, who participate in the pedagogical (ali educational) process. That is why we enclosed a questionnaire for you to fill in and express your opinion about the matter (and some other important issues, concerning our institution).

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